The renovation of Talos Art Gallery

The renovation of Talos Art Gallery

As spring beckons, the venue for Talos Art Gallery is taking shape. Set in Calne, Wiltshire, the renovation of the old dairy buildings at Broads Green Farm has been a creative and exciting process – much like casting bronze sculpture itself.

Richard’s artistic ethos has always centred on craft and the versatility of simple materials. “I think they make the dialogue richer,” he explained. Over the years, Richard’s created sculpture from materials such as plastic, concrete, glass, ceramics, fabrics, wood, stone and, of course, bronze.

This philosophy has clearly influenced the sensitive restoration of the old dairy buildings’ authentic features. Upon completion, Talos Gallery will celebrate the rich vernacular of Wiltshire architecture, making it the ideal home for exceptional bronze sculpture, cast using traditional methods.

“We’ve added very little to the old dairy buildings at Broads Green Farm,” Richard said, “We’ve mostly taken away the ‘refurbishments’ of the last hundred years to reveal the simplicity of the structure beneath.”

Layers upon layers of concrete have been stripped back to reveal ancient cobbled floors, original Elm trusses and antique joinery. Each roof has been renovated and re-covered with its signature terracotta tiles, crafted at Bowood, which lies just a mile away.

Talos Gallery is designed to reflect and compliment the beautiful craftsmanship and materials that lie behind the creation of each bronze sculpture on display.

“I’ve seen so much good artwork looking abandoned and uncomfortable in sanitised, white galleries,” commented Richard, “I decided to redress the balance and create a gallery space that celebrates materials and craftsmanship in all its guises. Talos is the perfect setting to see spectacular work, traditionally made from a simple, pure material, with an unbeatable backdrop of Wiltshire at its finest.” 

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