Barn doors

Barn entrance

Richard – gallery owner, artist and craftsman – shares an update.

I have working on beautiful, traditional, oak ledge and brace doors for the front of the gallery. But I know you will be thinking, all is not what it seems: the right hand door is fixed and the left hand one opens the wrong way!

The central pair of doors will slide, so by this cunning means, we can open the whole front of the building for events, with all the doors stacking right and left.

The things we do in lockdown, eh?

Below is a reminder of the old barn wall, the digging required to remove the 100 tons of concrete which had raised the original floor level, and then the skeleton of the barn. (click the side arrows to scroll)

And here is the first pair of doors (and the new, lower floor). When closed, it will look like the original barn and be snug in the cold and damp. (click the side arrows to scroll)

The next set of doors in progress. I have to make them next to where they are going to hang, because they are too heavy for me to lift once constructed. (click the side arrows to scroll)

The left hand pair, finished, with great Gnarly oak with a capital G from Tyler Hardwoods – thanks guys (click the side arrows to scroll).

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