Artist Profile

Jane Shaw

wildlife and animal sculptor
Jane Shaw - Best Friends

Artist Profile

Jane Shaw

wildlife and animal sculptor

Jane Shaw will make her Talos debut in Natural Elements.

I must never tire from looking, observing and learning.

Jane is passionate about capturing the overall emotion and movement of animals and wildlife in her bronze sculptures.  She uses fluid, spontaneous and strong gestural strokes in any material she uses and takes inspiration from the unconvention, believing ‘ugly is beautiful’.

Whether wildlife, domestic or equestrian animals she creates a statement of emotion through any subject. Often working directly from life, she produces bronzes for both inside the home as well as garden pieces on a larger scale.

Jane’s love of sculpture began at school in Gloucestershire where she was fortunate to have a great teacher – saving her from the hot-house of academia – and a great inspiration to this day.

After completing a degree in History of Art at Manchester University, Jane spent her early career with a London firm of fine art valuers, travelling and living abroad before returning to London to set up and run a recruitment company, which she then sold after a decade.

On moving to Dorset in 2013, she revived her love for sculpture inspired by wildlife and the outdoors.

Jane has won several sculpture awards, and continues with her own projects alongside commissions.  She exhibits in London and nationally, and welcomes visits to her studio, and the permanent display of work in her garden.

Jane Shaw - Blue Hare

Blue Hare (bronze)

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