Visit a Wiltshire art gallery in a beautiful countryside setting

Historic Wiltshire gallery of stone and wood

If you want an interesting and relaxed day out in the downs of Calne, Wiltshire, then visit the historic pastoral setting of Talos Art Gallery.

Natural Elements, the summer sculpture trail of the 2022 exhibition, leads from the gallery into the garden and around the old farm house.

The art can be enjoyed inside the carefully renovated dairy buildings of Broads Green Farm, with its Roman stone floors and authentic kickboard walls, or outside in the transformed former cow yard of flower gardens and lawns.

Sheep Group by Geraldine Knight

A full-size horse by Judy Boyt rears to meet newcomers and, inside the handcrafted open doors of the gallery, a bronze skeleton by Björn Sjöling ponders on a broken chair. Don’t try to lift the chair!

Beautiful ocean-inspired glass organisms by Monette Larsen sway in imaginary waters on the marble table next to Sjöling’s huge bronze crabs and lobsters while a full Larsen glass mural sweeps across a wall.

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The plaster and wood sculptures of Richard Atkinson-Willes pose questions of a spiritual nature, and Ian Marlow’s mythical minotaur stands tall and youthful.

Within its tidal lines carved in stone, the Old Story of Henry Gray becomes clear from a certain angle, in contrast to the crown of thorns-style weaving of Seamus Moran’s Decade.

Throughout the exhibition are grey dogs and blue hares running, iron whippets relaxing, horses galloping, toads cavorting and bulls stamping.

The gallery is known mostly for sculpture created by internationally renown artists, cast in bronze by Talos Art Foundry.

Locally-sourced coffee, tea, cold drinks, icecream and homemade cake, with dairy-free and gluten-free options, can be bought from the outside cafe, and visitors are welcome to relax in in the gardens in view of the Cherhill white horse and downs.

The gallery is only 2 miles from the Wiltshire market town of Calne, with Chippenham and Devizes on its doorstep, 40 minutes from Bath, about 10 minutes from the World Heritage Site of Avebury and less than an hour from Stonehenge. It is on the border of the North Wessex Downs area of outstanding natural beauty, with plenty of lovely walks and cycleways – lots to do in a day and more, making it ideal for a day trip or holiday destination.

The exhibition is open through June and July and into the first week of August, Wednesday to Saturday.

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